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ArticleNo: DTC-SPU-189
Product Description:
Golf club foreign body spud, 4 3/4", small, golf club-shaped tip 
with sharp edge, flat handle

ArticleNo: DTC-SPU-190
Product Description:
Francis foreign body spud, 4 3/4", flag-shaped tip with sharp edge, 
flat handle

ArticleNo: DTC-SPU-191
Product Description:
Ellis foreign body spud, 4 5/8", small, curved, 1mm rounded blade, 
flat handle

ArticleNo: DTC-SPU-192
Product Description: Davis foreign body spud, 4 7/8", straight, sharp rounded blade, 
flat handle

ArticleNo: DTC-SPU-193
Product Description: Dix needle and gouge spud set, 5 1/4", includes handle plus one 
needle tip and one gouge tip

ArticleNo: DTC-SPU-194
Product Description: Replacement handle 

ArticleNo: DTC-SPU-195
Product Description: Flat spud, includes handle  and flat gouge tip 

ArticleNo: DTC-SPU-196
Product Description: Curved needle spud, includes handle  and 3 x 5mm needle tip 

ArticleNo: DTC-SPU-197
Product Description:
Walter foreign body spud, 4 3/4", straight shaft with gently curved 
2mm lance-shaped tip, flat handle

ArticleNo: DTC-SPU-198
Product Description:
Dix foreign body spud, 4 3/4", flat 1.6 x 20mm blade, square handle

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