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ArticleNo: DTC-EMI-4020
Product Description:
Busin DSAEK glide spatula, 4 5/8", 16mm donor lamellar 
botton insertion plate, round handle, titanium

ArticleNo: DTC-EMI-4021
Product Description: Lasik / DSAEK roller, used to centralize donor tissue and 
remove excess fluid, 12mm roller with silicone coating, round titanium handle

ArticleNo: DTC-EMI-4022
Product Description:
Carlson DSEK smoother, 4 1/2", vaulted shaft with 2.5mm ball tip, 
7.5mm tip to bend, round handle

ArticleNo: DTC-EMI-4023
Product Description: Melles PLK scraper, style 1, 45 angled tip, round handle

ArticleNo: DTC-EMI-4024
Product Description: Melles PLK scraper, style 2, 90 angled tip, round handle

ArticleNo: DTC-EMI-4025
Product Description: Rosenwasser lamellar donor shovel, 4 3/4", 9mm long x 
4mm wide plate with retaining rim on 2 sides, titanium handle

ArticleNo: DTC-EMI-4026
Product Description: Martinez double-ended corneal dissector knife, 5", 
angled 3 x 11mm sharp blades

ArticleNo: DTC-EMI-4027
Product Description: Castroviejo dissector, 4 3/4", 1.5 x 5.0mm flat angled blade, 
flat serrated handle

ArticleNo: DTC-EMI-4028
Product Description:
Gerzog bone mallet, lead-filled, 7 1/4" long, 25mm diameter, 
7oz. head

ArticleNo: DTC-EMI-4029
Product Description:
Wright fascia needle, 5 1/8", curved shaft with 2mm wide tip 
and 1 x 6mm eye, ring handle

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