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The company started export and manufacturing of high quality implements since 2001 and continuously struggling to maintain quality to International standard.

DESCON TRADING COMPANY provides the health care industry a diverse range of products that give you best value for money.
The chief aim of our company has been to utilize all its energies, manpower and technology to wards developing superior quality instruments with special concentration on them, being precise as well as user friendly.
In order to serve the interest and meet the requirement of our customer .we endeavor to the best of our abilities to improve our existing products line and also introduce new products.


DESCON TRADING COMPANY we understand the importance of quality in the manufacturing process that is why we maintain a total quality improvement process in manufacturing throughout the company. Our manufacturing unit contains skill craftsmen.

DESCON TRADING COMPANY we believe that our employes play a vital role in the success of our company, especially the people in our research and development cell and quality control. Our products are qualitative, cost effective and appealing to the end user. We link development and manufacturing using the latest methods of ongoing quality control, guaranteeing both consistently high quality and adherence to international safety specifications.

Our sale force and customer service representative are ready to work with you .On expediting rush order, product demonstration .As customer satisfaction is our top priority .We aim to make your experience hassle free.

DESCON TRADING COMPANY website offers an on line catalogue with product images. The instrument in this e- catalogue shows our aim of continuous process to meet the demands of our customer.

You can depend on DESCON TRADING COMPANY to deliver only the top quality products. Investing in DESCON TRADING COMPANY instruments is a significant step in controlling cost and improving care.

The entire company exhibits a high degree of flexibility. Sensible suggestions made by the customer are processed quickly and implemented in our products. We work continuously to develop new devices for many diverse applications, as well as to improve existing products.

We try to cover all the surgeries build up related to instruments in our website but still we are open to welcome your enquires for the instruments not listed in our website catalogues. Please inform us directly, if you need any further assistance. To quote you our best possible prices please send us the details material, pattern, (item, size, angle, joint finish). We are anxious to build up strong long-term business relationship between two organizations. Waiting for your valued enquiries as soon as possible and good wishes to you.



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