Ultralight Mirror
16 cm
Technical Data:
2 Batterie tipo AAA da 1,5 V Consigliate quelle alcaline n 2 x 4,5 V alcaline battries AAA Type 
1793 O-Ring
1794 Lamp 
1795 Spring
1796 Head with manaderl
2 Alcaline Batteries,
Take out the batteries priot to sterilization Sterlizable O Ring on lamp to avoid penetration fof saliva or liquid into the handle, thus preserving battery life Easy light on/off through bottom cap no manrenance required for electrical or mechanical parts full disassembly for proper cleaning easy change of battries and lamps, Ergonomic



Ultralight Retractor
15 cm
Technical Data:
2 Batterie tipo AAA da 1,5 V consigliate quelle alcaline n 2 x 1.5 V alcaline batteries AAA Type




Ultralight Mirror & Retractor
Ultralight Mirror
Ultralight Retractor 
Locking Tray-Mini



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