Orthodontic Pliers
Nance loop closing pliers,for berding of stop loops and special pliers for Adams clasps. Wires up to 0.7mm (.028")



Orthodontic Pliers
Round Concave pliers for loop forming and bending of thin aquare wires upto 0.5mm (.020")



Orthodontic Pliers
Tweed loop forming pliers.For round or rectangular wires up to 0.56x0.7mm (0.22"x0.28) Replaceable Cylindrical beak with three sizes 1.15mm,(.045"),1.50mm,(.059"),1.90mm,(.075")
Concave beak with Slight parallel serrations to keep the in proper position



Orthodontic Pliers
Tweed loop forming pliers.For making perfect omega loops with round or rectangular wires up to 0.56x0.7mm (.022"x.028").The Concave beak is exactly the same as pliers 5809-1




Orthodontic Pliers
Single diameter loop forming pliers.Wire up to 0.56x0.7mm (.022"x.028").Replaceable concave beak has only diameter section of 1.50mm (.059")



Orthodontic Pliers
Reynolds contouring pliers




Orthodontic Pliers
Lingual arch pliers used to form double and triple back bends in 0.7mm (.028") or 0.9mm (.035") wire for insertion in lingual sheaths




Orthodontic Pliers
Weingart Utility and speciality pliers weingart 
pliers with serrated tips




Orthodontic Pliers
De la Rosa arch forming pliers.Desgined to form and contour arch wires on round or rectangular wire.The beak has grooves of 0.4mm (.016") 0.46mm (.018") and 0.56mm (.022")




Orthodontic Pliers
Arch forming pliers with non-grooved contouring 
surface for the forming of precise arches


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