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Optical Tweezers







Nylon Eye wire Sharper
With plastic jaws, large version (24 mm). 
Plastic pliers jaws

Art# DTC-OPPL501



Nylon Eye wire Sharper
With plastic jaws, Small version(19mm).
Plastic pliers jaws

Art# DTC-OPPL502




Inclination Plier, Conical
With highly polished-plated conical jaw and flat nylon Jaw: 6: 1.5 mm diameter. Plastic pliers jaws

Art# DTC-OPPL503



Holding Plier
SIZE: With plastic jaws, jaw mouth remains
in parallel position up to approx. 3mmPlastic pliers jaws

Art# DTC-OPPL504





Holding Plier
With Plastic Jaws. Plastic Pliers jaws

Art# DTC-OPPL505



Temple Adjusting Pliers
With two special plastic jaws, one convex and one concave,\Both jaws have cross grooves vertical to the curves. Plastic pliers jaws

Art# DTC-OPPL506




Nylon Gripping Plier
Hold plastic and metal frames. Flat metal 
jaw & 8 mm nylon Pas. Plastic pliers jaws

Art# DTC-OPPL507



Inclination Plier
Especially designed for Nylon Frames, Extremely thin cylindrical metal pin, Other jaw is covered with Nylon. Plastic Pliers jaws

Art# DTC-OPPL508




Especially for Temple Tip Bending. It bends the style and metal Temple Tips without heating. Strong And Smooth jaws prevent marring

Art# DTC-OPPL509



Temple Bending Plier
Multi size of groves on flat Jaw. 3 different diameter of rounded jaw provides the exact curvature. Ideal Plier to give the curves especially on temples. Plastic Pliers Jaws

Art# DTC-OPPL510


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